Affiliate Program

Looking for a simple way to turn your Website to cash? Our company develops innovative and reliable data conversion software. It means that any effort you put into promotion of our products will be rewarded immediately.

How to Join

1.  Read and accept the terms and conditions of our Affiliate Program listed below.
2.  Fill out online Registration Form.
3.  On approving your application we will e-mail you further instructions.
4.  Visit Link to Us page to find the most up-to-date promo materials that will help you maximize your sales.

How does it work

After your application was accepted we provide you with ordering URLs that are unique to your store. Then, every time a customer orders from your URL, you will get a commission for the program sold. Intelligent Converters referrers earn 40% of all qualifying sales generated through their links. You will receive a monthly check with your commissions when the account balance is at or over US $100. It's really that simple!

Terms and Conditions

1.  We reserve the right to decline the application without any motivation.
2.  We reserve the right to terminate a referrer's account at any time with immediate effect and not pay the commission if it will be found that the referrer puts into practice any of the following activities:
a)  displaying the link to our software products on any site which, at our discretion, is judged offensive or likely to bring our company into disrepute (e.g. sites that contain sexually explicit material or promote any illegal activity)
b)  exercising any method of promotion which, in our judgement, is likely to bring our company into disrepute (e.g. spamming or unsolicited e-mailing)
c)  providing customers with any misleading information about Intelligent Converters software, trademarks or copyrights
3.  We will pay 40% commission on the net revenue (excludes sales tax, chargebacks or refunds) of sales of Intelligent Converters products generated through referrer's links to our online store.
4.  Payments will be made monthly if your account balance is at or over US $100.
5.  Payment will be in US dollars, by check. Please ensure you can accept US dollar checks before joining the program. If your bank charges you for handling US dollar checks we regret that we cannot be responsible for those bank charges.
6.  The Referrer's Account will at all times show details of commission due and commission paid to date, number of click throughs and downloads resulting from referrals.

Why wait? Signing up is easy and free, with no obligation to stay around. Just fill out the Registration Form and receive detailed setup information via e-mail! Click on the link below to join our affiliate program: