History of changes for PostgreSQL to MySQL

v3.1 06/11/2018
	- improved support for BLOBs
	- workaround for MySQL 8.0 password hashing

v2.5.1 05/08/2017 - option to specify MySQL table type and charset

v2.5 02/07/2017 - option to connect to non-default PostgreSQL database - option to filter data for conversion via SELECT-queries - support for Heroku - fix: improved validation of GUIDs

v2.3 06/01/2016 - improved processing schemas - demo limitation has been extended up to 50 records - fix: case-sensitive DB names - fix: Unicode column names in indexes/PKs/FKs

v2.1 09/03/2015 - 2-steps setting default database for testing connection to PostgreSQL server - support for custom PostgreSQL ports

v1.5 01/20/2014 - fix: def.values support - fix: auto_increment support - fix: time is converted into time instead of LONGTEXT - new installer - updated UI

v1.3 02/04/2013 - improved algorithm of connecting to PostgreSQL server - option to synchronize PostgreSQL database with MySQL data - option to filter data using SELECT-queries v1.1 11/24/2012 - Quick Launch

v1.0 04/02/2012 - initial version